Waiting for my dream house!

So I’ve been waiting and waiting and still waiting for my vintage 1962 Barbie dream house to arrive from America. Now this is the original one from the 60’s not the repro one they have just produced. As you know I prefer the originals. I have wanted one of these for years but never ever found one in good condition in the UK.

After finding them on eBay located in America I could never bring myself to pay the postage and import duties, it’s so expensive. I had one saved in my watch list and showed it to my husband and he decided to get it for me. I was stunned and excited. It was so very thoughtful of him (hope he is still happy when he see’s its made merely from cardboard!)

So I’m counting down the days until it arrives and of course as soon as it does I will share some pictures with you. Be prepared for lots of snaps and scene set up’s, I have lots of ideas.

As I said I’m very excited and can’t thank my wonderful husband enough.

See you soon x

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