Vintage photo shoot

I wondered how I could ever manage to photograph a Barbie doll and make it look semi decent. I’ve photographed my Barbie’s on their display shelfs but it just looks like any old picture. I wanted to capture them in decent light highlighting their beauty and flaws as the Barbie’s I photographed today are my oldest dating back to the 60’s. She has aged very well I might add.

I purchased a light box, I guess most people buy these to photograph items they may wish to sell etc but I thought it looked like a professional modelling set up miniature for Barbie. After setting it up and playing around (trying to figure out how it all worked etc) I captured some test shots, some turned out quite nicely. As I practice and get a little more confident with how to set and stage the dolls etc the pictures will hopefully get better.

It was great fun and my old Barbie’s seemed to come alive under the lights and in front of the camera. I found myself (of course in my head) shouting ‘turn this way’, ‘a little more to the right’, ‘give me more’ and so on, well you get the picture. I loved it and I can’t wait to create the next set up.

I hope you enjoy my very first test shots and a sneak peak at some of my vintage Barbie’s. I definitely recommend a light box, its so much fun creating a modelling studio and makes taking your pictures look so much nicer.

See you next time!

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