Susy Goose

I recently managed to get my hands on a Susy Goose Barbie wardrobe which was produced in 1962 through to 1964. It’s a very elegant piece of furniture made from a very durable plastic that has stood well against time unlike some of my daughters modern Barbie furniture which seems to be a lot more flimsy. Vintage stuff was made to last!

Mine is in pretty good shape just a little discolouration to the plastic and what seems to be a melt mark on the front of one of the doors. It’s also missing a hanging rod from inside one of the doors. But for a fairly rare piece of vintage Barbie furniture it’s great. All the drawers are there and the main hanging rail is undamaged. There are no cracks or breaks to any of the plastic so overall I’m very pleased I found it. I’d only ever seen one of these in pictures so it gives me a real buzz to own one. Barbie now has somewhere to hang her outfits!

I’d really love to get the vanity set and canopy bed but finding them in good condition is a challenge in the UK. Sure I can find them on eBay from the states but the shipping costs are so high and out of my budget.

You can imagine my want list for vintage Barbie 1959 to 1965 is very long mainly because it’s rare to find in the UK plus I’m saving up for each individual piece. I spend more on vintage Barbie outfit’s than I do on my own clothing! haha!

My Barbie modelling today is a fashion queen released in 1963 she at one time has had her brunette vinyl hair painted yellow but her wig covers it nicely and she has such a pretty face so I didn’t mind, I love her. She is wearing one of my favourite vintage Barbie outfits called ‘Sleeping pretty’ released in 1965, a gorgeous light blue nightgown with matching robe. I’m missing the blue pom pom shoes and satin pillow but that’s ok. I think she looks dreamy.

A little add on, I finally received my vintage Barbie dream house from 1962 plus a fab Barbie case from 1963, will share soon.

Until then x

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