Skipper is Barbie’s sister, she first appeared in 1964 and has had many changes over the years.

I have an original Skipper from 1964 complete with her original outfit including shoes and stand. She is in beautiful condition. I was never sure if I wanted to add a Skipper to my collection but I got an amazing deal on her. I love the charm of this doll and she makes a nice addition to my early 60’s collection.

Well in total I only have three Skippers, my next oldest is a Dramatic new living Skipper from 1970, she has a very cute face with rooted eyelashes, she looks a lot different from the first Skipper and as she is a living Skipper she can move into several different positions and poses. She came to me nude so I managed to hunt down one of my favourite outfits of that period called ‘Budding beauty’ also from 1970. A gorgeous little mod dress with a floral bodice, puffy skirt and puffy sleeves. The outfit came with the original little pink shoes. She looks adorable.

I also have a late 70’s early 80’s beach Skipper (I’m not entirely sure what year this doll is or if she is in her original outfit) but she was another one of those dolls I found at a car boot sale. She is not in the best shape but overall not bin worthy. She still has good full hair and a cute face, not bad for 10p, plus this is the one my daughter seems to like to play with and because she’s not as precious as my older one’s i let her.

My daughter loves Barbie too and has quite a collection of her own. She enjoys looking at my vintage Barbie dolls but she prefers the modern princess and mermaid Barbie’s oh and of course that little 10p Skipper.

See you soon x

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