She’s a Superstar!

I’d always wanted an original superstar Barbie from 1977 but to obtain one you’d need to spend a small fortune as this doll is very popular with collector’s alike.

Finally Mattel introduced a reproduction superstar Barbie! I just had to have her and I was lucky enough to find one reasonably priced on Amazon. Now I’m not necessarily keen on reproduction Barbie’s as I much prefer the original’s. I love having the original’s wondering who first got them and that they’ve seen a fair amount of years yet still maintain their charm. Having said that I thought that Mattel had done an amazing job in creating a reproduction superstar Barbie. The attention to detail is fantastic. I’d love to take her out of the box to display but the packaging is lovely and it displays well, so in the box she will stay for now.

About a year after getting her I was on my usual rummage round a car boot sale (I have obtained many a vintage Barbie this way) when I came across a box full of Barbie’s, most were modern and didn’t really interest me but as I dug deeper into the box I found her! An original superstar Barbie! Of course she was naked and looking a bit worse for ware (one of her legs will not stay attached to her body) she needed a wash and a serious hair restyle. I asked the seller how much? his response FREE!!! because her leg came off! Amazing!

The outfit she is wearing is from my childhood. I still remember receiving it for Christmas. It is from the Haute couture collection from 1983, I’m missing the bag and skirt that also came with it but surprisingly I still have the shoes. This outfit screams the 80’s and I thought it looked good on my newly pampered superstar Barbie. Oh I forgot to mention that she came with her earring’s and ring!

I was so surprised as these little things often go missing straight away. I’m still on the lookout for her original outfit but for now she will model this and look fabulous!

Until next time x

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