Quick curl Barbie

Quick curl Barbie was released in 1973 through to 1976 and was very popular at the time.

I have both the standard release and the rarer deluxe quick curl Barbie. These dolls are real cuties and have their original outfits. The standard doll is wearing a floor length pink gingham number with white chiffon details and black tie, very 70’s. My deluxe girl is wearing a blue peasant style dress, complete with knitted shawl and white beaded necklace. Blue peasant shoes complete the look.

As always I was lucky at the car boot and found the standard quick curl Barbie complete with her outfit. I did need to wash it as it was filthy, well so was she to be exact but for her age she has scrubbed up well. I managed to find the deluxe quick curl Barbie on eBay for a reasonable price, she came to me in mint condition but didn’t have her accessories like thelittle curler and combs but I’m not too worried about that.

I love how the hair is easy to style having tiny little wires running through, as I don’t have the little curler I found that simply using a pencil works just as well. I’m sure there is a tool out there that would resemble the original curling wand but I haven’t found one yet or even the original tool.

When I first started collecting Barbie dolls I did not like the faces on the mid 70’s dolls so I passed on quite a few at the time but as the years have gone on I’m seeing them in a different light. They scream the 1970’s and as that era becomes more distant from today their appeal grows.

I think that had I received one as a child then I would have been very excited as styling Barbie’s hair was one of my favourite things to do. Quick curl Barbie would have offered hours of endless play.

So I now love her and It’s nice as a collector to have Barbie dolls from all the different era’s to see how fashion and styles have changed over the years. You can really see how Barbie has evolved.

Until next time x

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