It’s a mod monday!

Ok I know it’s Tuesday and I’m a day late posting this but I still wanted to call it ‘Its a mod Monday’ as I liked the title. My Monday’s are always a little manic so I wanted to spin the word mad to mod to ease into the week.

mod barbie

Well I wanted to share my new additions to the house, two beautiful early 70’s dolls. I believe I have acquired a Marlo flip tnt from 1971 and a malibu barbie from 1971. Just gorgeous!

I love the mod era dolls, there’s just something about them. Maybe I always longed to be a part of the 60’s, the fashion, the music, the interior design, the list goes on. It must have beena truly groovy time.

Malibu barbie is wearing a mint outfit called ‘dream-ins’ from 1969. A beautiful night gown and robe in the most amazing shade of pink. Everything was so colourful back then. The attention to detail on this outfit is incredible, so so pretty.

The Marlo flip tnt doll is wearing ‘picture me pretty’ from 1972, a beautiful peasant style dress and of course the hemline was high to make this a mini dress. I love this dress and it’s something I’d love to wear myself. It’s so colourful and I could imagine sitting making daisy chains on a warm summers day wearing this. Her outfit is completed with a pair of blue pilgrim shoes, not original to the outfit as I believe the shoes that originally came with it were fuchsia but they still match and are from the same period.

Both these beauties have fitted into my collection perfectly. I have several tnt flips and malibu barbies in my collection of which I will show at a later date but these two girls are by far my favourites.

I’ve taken a few pictures to show you, I didn’t use my light box for these as I thought they stood well against my retro style wallpaper.

Until next time x

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