Bubblecut Barbie

At present I only have one bubble cut Barbie in my collection. She is a real cutie. The bubble cut Barbie was introduced in 1961 and ran through to 1967. The bubble cut had many changes throughout this period.


My bubble cut has very full hair. When they were first produced the hair was tight and not so full but as she evolved the hair got bigger and bigger, Barbie’s hair had become very grown up. Her face went through a number of changes also, starting off with quite a small face which slowly got fuller, I guess because this doll was made in such large quantities that the mould became well used. She eventually became known as one of the transition dolls into the American girl Barbie. Sadly I do not own an American girl Barbie but would love too, maybe one day.

I’m not sure on the actual date of my bubble cut as I’ve only just started to research and learn about the early 60’s Barbie dolls even through I have quite a few. I need to read some more, but I wanted to show you because she really is very pretty.

Her lip colour has faded to white, I believe she probably originally had pale pink lips as this is the colour that usually turns white over the years. I love her lips, she looks really cool.

She has gingery blonde hair, I’m not sure if this has altered in colour over the years but as I said before it’s very full with no missing plugs.

I have dressed her in an original outfit called ‘Let’s dance’ which was issued in 1960 till 1962. A blue and white floral dress with full skirt. A perfect party dress. I only managed to find the dress so I added some black shoes, black gloves and little necklace. She looks great.

I’m now on the hunt for more bubble cut’s for my collection, scouring eBay and antique shops frequently. I’m never lucky at car boot sales for early 60’s Barbie dolls but you never know.

See you soon x

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