1963 Barbie case

A new lucky find came into my possession recently. I wanted to find a double Barbie case so that I could display the vintage fashion’s I have collected as I have more vintage Barbie fashion’s than dolls. I didn’t want to store them away unseen waiting to be worn by a new vintage Barbie I may acquire in the future.

I could only ever seem to find the cases that open down from the front and didn’t feel that these would display well opened so I began looking and looking and finally found one. It’s a bit battered round the edges and has suffered some rust on the clasp and other metal parts but overall not bad. One exciting feature that remained in excellent condition were the three cardboard drawers still intact with no damage at all, this is rare as they are usually missing.

It has three lovely images of Barbie on the front and back of the case and will look great displayed in my cabinet. Now all the outfits can be displayed together and I can see them which is a bonus.

Bye for now x

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